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Addictively Fun Punching

SparWith is the revolutionary new sports application – it is perfect for both, releasing frustration and exercising!People all over the world have been using punching bags for a long time already, from professional boxing to fitness boxing.SparWith aims to gamify free standing punching bag training — it does this with a smartphone for measuring the power of punches and giving feedback and instructions during exercise.


Exercising with SparWith gives you many benefits:

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Improves shape and posture
  • Enhances eye-hand coordination
  • Enhances balance
  • Boosts endurance
  • Helps overcome frustration!
  • Enhances mood and alertness
Additionally, starting exercise is really compelling, when you have something available all the time to vent your daily frustration and have fun at the same time! Have you ever missed some exercise because you just didn’t find it compelling enough to start? No more!

Gamification – Adding Fun to Punching!

In basic exercise mode, SparWith offers measurement of power level, record keeping, statistics, different gaming modes – and even sparring partners!There will also be different game modes, including Pair Competition: You take turns and the player with more winning sets wins the game.As you can calibrate the game based on the maximum force of the players, you can have a game with a handicap – great for families!Lately, we have worked on ideas of including also “party-game” mode to the game – and already in our testing it certainly seems to be something that people find fun!

Become part of our development team!

We are also sure that many great ideas will come from you, the supporters.

  • Perhaps there will be someone special to cheer you in your exercise?
  • What would motivate you to start your exercise and keep it going?
  • What if you wanted to give SparWith as a gift to someone?
  • Maybe alarm clock voice that doesn’t end before you punch the bag would be effective way to start your morning?

Why to buy free standing punching bag?

We realize that not many people have yet suitable punching bag to start. We offer equipment here at We only list items most suitable for SparWith App. This way you also help us in the development as we get small affiliate reward for each item sold.

You would maybe be also lightened up to know that many buyers are already having fun with their punching bags even without gamification – let us just quote some Amazon reviewers here:“This works great to relieve frustration after a day at the office. It provides the best workout without feeling like you are working out.”“Great way to let out a little aggression/stress from the day and get you breathing heavy!”“I bought this for my son almost as a last effort as I didn’t know what to buy him this year and it was the surprise best gift. Everyone is enjoying it and my daughter seems to like it the most. Easy to store and doesn’t take up much space.”“Bought as a gift. The recipient loves to work out.”“Great for kids, adults, just have fun letting out some frustration.”“I’m burning 100 calories in 7 mins with this boxing bag (Per Easy to assemble and fun to use. Play some music and pretend the bag is a bad boyfriend and enjoy the lost inches.”

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